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Anne Thornton Explores How to Protect Your Property

Entrepreneur Anne Thornton owns and runs one of New Jersey's few woman owned plumbing and remodeling companies. After becoming involved in an organization for women business presidents, Anne was inspired to collaborate with several other women in a book series called, "Breakthrough Results". The book is available on Amazon.com.

Anne uses her considerable knowledge and over 25 years of experience in plumbing and remodeling to write thoughtfully and concisely on many issues that concern homeowners, business owners and anyone looking to protect and enhance the value of their property.

Many of the tips and tricks in the book are drawn from real life experiences. "One of the most preventable disasters in any homeowner's life is the bursting of a washing machine hose." You may wonder how that could be so bad but Anne continues, "It can cause an entire basement to flood in hours and it's so easy to prevent."

Anne owns MSI Plumbing and Remodeling and lives in Annandale, New Jersey. She has grown MSI from a small property management company to a very successful and fulfilling business. You may have seen her, the MSI staff and her adorable dog, Leo, recently in MSI's first ever TV commercial campaign.

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